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We’re specialized in selected technologies. We’re focused on building trust between us and our clients, so we never undertake projects outside our proven expertise and experience.


EmberJS is one of the fastest fronted framework on the market. We love building apps with it and combine them with Django Rest Framework. This allowes as to provide greate user experience, blazing fast development. This is our recommendation for any incoming project.


Django – for perfectionists with a deadlines – as describes itself, django is created to provide as many ready solutins as possible. Using django will save you a tone of money and time during the development, and even more on mainainence.


Html/CSS – from custom widgets, page layouts, one pages. This is how we communicate our apps with the browser. Html/CSS is the basicly a standard to create UI.


We love using laravel to integrate PHP solutions. Laravel is a powerfull framework, that can be used beside your huge php site, or even be installed and maintained as WordPress plugin.